P11D Forms and Dispensations

Newsletter issue - May 09.

It's time to start work on those tiresome forms P11D to report expenses and benefits paid to employees and directors in the year to 5 April 2009. The deadline for submitting the forms to the Tax Office, and for giving copies to your employees, is 6 July 2009.

If you have a dispensation for business expenses in place with your local Tax Office your life is made easier, as expenses falling in the categories specified in the dispensation can be left off the P11D forms. However, taxable benefits such as company cars or accommodation must be reported and the taxable benefit calculated.

Most reportable business expenses consist of travel and subsistence costs. In the past the Taxman has been happy to include the cost of tickets in a dispensation, but he would rarely agree to a flat allowance to cover meals. Now the Taxman has proposed a scale rate of tax free payments for meals taken while travelling in the UK after 6 April 2009 with the following conditions:

These rates only apply where the employer has agreed to stick to the scale rates within his dispensation agreement with the Tax Office. This is another good reason for getting a dispensation in place, or updating the one you have.

Please contact us if you need help with P11D's or dispensation claims.

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